Warm Air Transfer System


Designed to transfer the heat from a primary heating room to another 1, 2 or 3 rooms by use of an electric fan located in the insulated duct.

The WATS is a product of Australia.


To operate, the primary heating room must have a wood or gas heater.

With any primary heating room, there is a heat bank at ceiling level which with time will dissipate through the ceiling (even an insulated one) or simply go cold if not fed with further heat.

It is this heat bank that the warm air transfer system (WATS) taps into and by use of a gentle fan, draws the heat from the primary heating room and feeds the warm air to the other 1, 2 or 3 rooms.

As the WATS requires electricity and will have on/off switches to operate, the unit must be installed by a licensed electrician.

The drawing and dispersal vents are similar in appearance to air conditioning vents.

Tips on Installation
  • The source vent must be installed near or directly above prime heating source.
  • The drawing vent must be installed in the ceiling for maximum drawing.
  • The drawing vent cannot be installed or tapped into the fluing system of the primary heat source.
  • The dispersal vents should be placed ideally close to the door way in the receiving room so as to allow heat to warm the room and or passage way if so desired.
  • The WATS duct cannot be used in tandem with another heating/cooling system eg air conditioning system. It is a dedicated system.
Duct Lengths

Total length of ducting supplied with WATS

one room6 metres
two rooms9 metres
three rooms15 metres
Additional lengths can be purchased.
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